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New Year’s Day
01 January 2015: The beginning of the western New Year is a national holiday in Thailand, one of three “new year” holidays celebrated every year.

Makha Bucha
22 February 2016: Makha Bucha celebrates the Buddha’s first sermon in to his disciples.

Chakri Day
06 April 2016: Chakri Day commemorates the founding of the current dynasty by its first king, Rama I.

13-15 April 2016: Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, generally celebrated as a water festival.
Be prepared to get wet all over as revellers abound, ready to soak you as a form of celebrating this season!

Labor Day
01 May 2016: International Labor Day is also celebrated as a national holiday, even though there isn’t much ado about it.

Coronation Day
05 May 2016: Celebrates the day when the current king Rama IX was crowned in 1949.

Visakha Bucha
20 May 2016: The holiest Buddhist holiday celebrates the birth, enlightenment and entry into nirvana of the Buddha.

Asalha Bucha
19 July 2016: This day commemorates the Buddha’s first sermon and the founding of the Buddhist Sangha (monkhood) about 2,500 years ago.

Buddhist Lent
20 July 2016: This day marks the beginning of the Buddhist ‘lent’ period, a time when monks are supposed to retreat to their temples while new life springs forth.

Queen’s Birthday
12 August 2016: Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday is a national holiday, also serving as the country’s Mothers’ Day as well.

Chulalongkorn’s Memorial Day
23 October 2016: Celebration of the death anniversary of Thailand’s one of the most revered kings, Rama V.

King’s Birthday
05 December 2016: His Majesty the King’s birthday is celebrated throughout the country and also serving as the country’s Fathers’ Day as well.

Constitution Day
10 December 2016: Celebrates the date in 1932 when the country was granted its first constitution.

New Year’s Eve
31 December 2016: The day before the Western New Year day is always marked a national holiday.

travel tips

Enjoying Bhundhari Spa Resort & Villas

Sight. Smell. Sound, Taste. Touch. Rediscover your senses with us.

The essence of the experience is to “simply relax, unwind and take it easy”. Remember; this is your holiday!

Ignore the need to be constantly connected to the world. Rejuvenate your senses. Revitalize your life. Find yourself. Enrich yourself.

The resort was not designed with luxury in mind; it is designed for you to rediscover yourself.


So, here’s the Top Ten Tips (from our guests) on enjoying Bhundhari Spa Resort & Villas:

1. Relax and rediscover yourself; take it easy and rest your mind
2. Make new friends
3. Laugh and smile
4. Take selfies
5. Walk barefoot
6. Chill out => enjoy that cold beer or your favorite cocktail
7. Pamper yourself with an aromatic spa session
8. Go for that dip in the sea
9. Enjoy a romantic dinner
10. Admire the beauty of nature, the sea, the sound of the waves, the wind

full moon party

fullmoonparty koh phangan

Rin Nok Beach or Haad Rin Nok is internationally known for its Full Moon Parties. This spot is ranked as the third most beautiful place in the world to view the full moon. It is not surprising that a great number of tourists from all over the world flock here to take part in the famous celebration every full moon night.

Refer to the various website links providing more information on the Full Moon Parties at Koh Phangan.

Pariya Haad Yuan Koh Phangan is just one bay area away from Haad Rin Beach! “Close but not too close”; that’s why our guests like to stay with us.

Full Moon Party Dates

MONTH January February March April May June July August September October November December
2016 23rd 23rd 22nd 21st 21st 19th 17th 18th 16th 16th 14th 14th
2017 12th 12th 12th 11th 11th 9th 10th 7th 5th 6th 3th 3th
2018 1st & 31st 23rd 2nd & 31st 29th 30th 27th 29th 26th 24th 25th 22nd 22nd


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